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About Howie's


  August 23, 2005



  Commander’s Award for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program

  Home of the Guinness Book of World Records record for consecutive game play of 72 hours set by Sam Braithwaite.


Company Overview

  Operating the largest online interactive game centers in North America – Featuring over 800 PC and Xbox stations with over 6,000,000 hours played here – Howie’s Game Shack® has invented a new form of entertainment, introducing social gaming as never experienced before.

  Open 7 days a week – 12 hours on the weekdays, even longer on weekends, this extravaganza includes:

  Dedicated gaming PCs

  Xbox’s with high-def LCD displays and outrageous gaming chairs

  Exclusive features like Monster Energy Alley, World Premier game releases, tournaments, and competitions to win valuable prizes

  Hot food, snacks, and beverages to be consumed while playing to avoid breaks in the action


Altruistic Business Philosophy

Howie’s is a family-friendly, fun entertainment venue. As explained by Howie: “First, we love gaming. And, as parents, our mission was to deliver something that we believe is needed – a positive place for young people to spend time” Howie’s has become a favorite among parents, educators and religious leaders with a stringent attention to detail and surprisingly inexpensive pricing.

“We evaluate every game in-house, fully immersing ourselves for hours, before deciding if it’s appropriate for our public environment. We insist on clean facilities – both physically and mentally, generously support charities, and receive our guidance from a higher calling,” shared proudly by Howie.


Gaming is Social

Quoting Nolan Bushnell, the famed inventor of Pong, Atari and Chuck E. Cheese: “Despite what some may have you believe, games exist to bring us together; that’s where games come from, and that’s where we’re going back to.” Quoting the Register, “And it’s true: playing with dozens of other gamers in the same physical spot makes a word of difference. In a word, it’s just a lot more fun.


Not Just Kids

Misconceptions about video games and inaccurate stereotypes about gamers are prolific, including:

  The average age is not 13 – but 31. At Howie’s, younger players early in the day transform into an older crowd later

  69% of heads of households play

  58% of all Americans play


Learning more about Howie’s is simple… just come and play!!


Howie’s Game Shack® does not currently offer franchising.