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Where Gamers Come To Play!

The largest online interactive game centers in North America.

Featuring over 800 PC and Xbox stations.

Over 6,000,000 hours played here.

Howie’s Game Shack® has invented a new form of entertainment, introducing social gaming as never experienced before. Open 7 days a week – 12 hours on the weekdays, even longer on weekends, this extravaganza includes:

High-End Gaming PC's & Xbox's

Over 100+ Game Titles

High Speed Internet Connection

Frequent Tournaments & Events

Delicious Hot Food & Cold Drinks

Exclusive - Monster Energy Alley


Gaming is Social

Quoting Nolan Bushnell, the famed inventor of Pong, Atari and Chuck E. Cheese: “Despite what some may have you believe, games exist to bring us together; that’s where games come from, and that’s where we’re going back to.” Quoting the Register, “And it’s true: playing with dozens of other gamers in the same physical spot makes a word of difference. In a word, it’s just a lot more fun.